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Middle Eastern Clothing

We had the opportunity to try on some of Mrs. Laszuk’s cothing that she brought back from the Middle East when her family lived in Katar. ┬áHer and her husband were teachers there.

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Building Animals

The students did an amazing job planning and building their animals. They used their schema (background knowledge) from our Testing Unit to help them build a strong and stable animal.

When you comment on this post please explain how you made your animal stable. Think about the size of its head, body, shape of legs, position of the legs under the body, etc. Have fun and I look forward to reading all the posts!


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IREC celebrates 100th Day!!!


We celebrated 100th day by dressing up like a 100 year old granny or grandpa, wearing bracelets and necklaces made out of 100 elastics, 100 paperclip necklaces, 100 dollar bills, and several fun costumes. The students put over 100 autographs in alphabetical order and started our trivia facts assignment using the Chromebooks. A fun-filled day of learning about that special number 100!

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Measuring in Meters and Centimeters

In Math the students worked on measuring the span of their arms, 3 giant steps, and 1 long jump using meters and centimeters. They estimated first and then measured to see how close their estimates were.

Here’s your challenge Grade 3’s. Tell me 2 things you could measure using meters and centimeters.

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Math skills using Pumpkins

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3L students enjoyed practicing their Math skills by estimating the weight and width, the lines on the pumpkins, and how many seeds were in each pumpkin. Afterwards they calculated the actual weight, width, lines, and seeds.

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Place Value

001004005006In Math we have been learning about Place Value and how to represent a number 4 ways.

1. Write the numeral.
2. Write the number word.
3. Expanded notation
4. Base ten blocks.

Grade 3’s, your challenge is to show me #’s 1-3 using a 2 digit or 3 digit number. We will check out your answers in class!


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