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Ellis Bird Farm

We had a fabulous day at the Ellis Bird Farm and learned a lot about different animal life cycles.  There was pond dipping, feeding the goats, touching a real beaver tail, and making nesting boxes.


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Popsicle Stick Bridges

The students completed their last building project by working together in a group and building a bridge out of popsicle sticks.  Their bridge had to be at least 30 cm long and 10 cm wide.  They all did an exceptional job and some of the bridges were able to hold 2 or even 3 dictionaries!  Wow!


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Newspaper Stools

We completed our last building project by making stools out of newspaper.  Students were in small groups, rolled, and taped newspapers to make cylindrical pillars.  Then they took 10-11 pillars and taped them together.  Finally, they wrapped their stools with newspaper.  Each students was able to successfully sit on their stools!



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Ellis Bird Farm “Take 2”

On June 4th we went to the Ellis Bird Farm to learn about the life cycle of different animals. We had so much fun building our nesting boxes, pond dipping, learning about bats and beavers, and feeding the baby goats.

Grade 3’s here’s your challenge!

Tell me 2 things you learned on our field trip to the Ellis Bird Farm, then we will look at everyone’s responses in class!


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Building Animals

The students did an amazing job planning and building their animals. They used their schema (background knowledge) from our Testing Unit to help them build a strong and stable animal.

When you comment on this post please explain how you made your animal stable. Think about the size of its head, body, shape of legs, position of the legs under the body, etc. Have fun and I look forward to reading all the posts!


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Musical Instruments

The students created musical instruments at home as their final project to our Hearing and Sound Unit. We enjoyed listening to different instruments and figuring out low, medium, and high pitches, as well as loud and quiet sounds. Great imaginations Grade 3’s!


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Warm and Cool Snowmen

3L enjoyed creating their warm and cool snowmen by using 4 quadrants on their paper to draw a snowman. Then we used cool and warm paint colors for the four quadrants of our pictures and created our snowmen with white paint and different colored markers. Enjoy the beautiful artwork!!

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