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Jessie and Jakob


Jessie shows leadership when she “Begins with the End in Mind.”  Jessie has done an amazing job in our daily Math all year long.  She is a keen problem solver and can solve story problem questions using multiple strategies.  Jessie is always eager to share her problem solving strategies with the class, which Mrs. Litzenberger appreciates.  Keep up the awesome work Jessie!



Jakob shows leadership when he “Sharpens the Saw”.  Jakob understands the value of exercising throughout the day.  In our gym class, he participates and knows how to be a team player by cooperating and strategizing during our game time.  Congratulations Jakob!




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Ellis Bird Farm

We had a fabulous day at the Ellis Bird Farm and learned a lot about different animal life cycles.  There was pond dipping, feeding the goats, touching a real beaver tail, and making nesting boxes.


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