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Jade and Ryder


Jade is showing leadership when she begins with the end in mind. She is doing an amazing job writing during our daily 5 rounds.  she is using different sentence starters, descriptive vocabulary, and her imagination. You did a fabulous job writing your “where i’m from” poem!  Congratulations Jade!



Ryder is showing leadership when he “Begins with the End in Mind.”  Ryder continues to work hard in his reading skills and is using more strategies to figure out unfamiliar words.  He always makes sure he is reading good fit books and continues to improve his stamina while reading.  Mrs. Litzenberger is very proud of you!


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Popsicle Stick Bridges

The students completed their last building project by working together in a group and building a bridge out of popsicle sticks.  Their bridge had to be at least 30 cm long and 10 cm wide.  They all did an exceptional job and some of the bridges were able to hold 2 or even 3 dictionaries!  Wow!


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Newspaper Stools

We completed our last building project by making stools out of newspaper.  Students were in small groups, rolled, and taped newspapers to make cylindrical pillars.  Then they took 10-11 pillars and taped them together.  Finally, they wrapped their stools with newspaper.  Each students was able to successfully sit on their stools!



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