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Destiny, Jade, and Vincent

Destiny Bunz  shows leadership when she “Begins with the End in Mind.”  Destiny has been working hard in her subtraction with regrouping questions in Math.  All that practice has paid off and Destiny now loves to solve questions in front of the class.  Way to go Destiny!



Jade Clynes shows leadership when she “Begins with the End in Mind.”  Jade continues to work hard in her reading skills and is using more strategies to figure out unfamiliar words.  She always makes sure she is reading good fit books in Daily 5 and continues to improve her stamina while reading.  Mrs. Litzenberger is very proud of you Jade!


Vincent Potvin shows leadership when he “Begins with the End in Mind.”  Vincent did an amazing job in all his multiplication quizzes.  In Math, he is a keen problem solver and can solve story problem questions using multiple strategies.  He is always eager to share his problem solving strategies with the class, which Mrs. Litzenberger appreciates.  Keep up the awesome work Vincent!



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St. Patrick’s Day!

There was a lot of green on St. Patrick’s Day at IREC! 3L had a fun time working on some creative St. Patrick’s Day writing and in Math we created bar graphs using Lucky Charms cereal and compared our graphs with a partner. During snack time there were a lot of yummy green snacks and we enjoyed our chocolate gold coins from Mrs. Litzenberger

! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


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Tower Building

We created towers out of recycled materials in our Building Unit in Science.  We learned that a tall tower needs a wide base for it to be stable and that cutting holes into our towers will also be helpful when it’s windy.  Can you guess the names of the famous towers we built in class?


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Animal Building

The students did an amazing job planning and building their animals. They used their schema (background knowledge) from our Testing Unit to help them build a strong and stable animal.

When you comment on this post please explain how you made your animal stable. Think about the size of its head, body, shape of legs, position of the legs under the body, etc. Have fun and I look forward to reading all the posts!

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