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Tessa, Sophia, and Tarquin


Tessa Overacker shows leadership when she “Begins with the End in Mind.”  Tessa has been doing a fabulous job in her Math skills during Math for Success. She has been working hard in her multiplication and subtracting with regrouping. She is always eager to share her problem solving strategies with the class, which Mrs. Litzenberger appreciates.  Keep up the awesome work Tessa!


Sophia Aquirre is showing leadership when she begins with the end in mind. She is doing an amazing job writing during our daily 5 rounds.  she is using different sentence starters, descriptive vocabulary, and her imagination. Thank you for sharing your writing with the class.  Congratulations Sophia!


Tarquin Woods shows leadership when he is being “Proactive.”   Tarquin is a wonderful member of our class who is always following the 7 habits.  He is a caring friend, strong worker who puts extra effort into all his work, and is willing to help others in need.  Keep bringing those wonderful smiles to school every day Tarquin!  Congratulations!


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