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Rylee, Paightyn, and Hudson

Rylee shows leadership when she “Begins with the End in Mind.” Rylee has been working hard in her Math skills during Math for Success, and she is always eager to share her problem solving strategies with the class. Keep up the awesome work Rylee!


Paightyn shows leadership when she “Begins with the End in Mind.” Paightyn has done an amazing job practicing her addition and subtraction facts to 18, and all her hard work is shown when she adds and subtracts two and three digit numbers. Congratulations Paightyn!


Hudson shows leadership when he is being proactive. Hudson is always ready to listen to instructions, he knows how to be a good friend, and makes 3L a fabulous place to learn. Mrs. Litzenberger appreciates how cooperative you are in and out of the classroom. Congratulations Hudson!


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Swimming Fun!!

We have enjoyed “Sharpening the Saw” every Thursday morning at the CUC pool in Lacombe. We have learned valuable swimming skills that we will use in our lifetime. Thank you to the talented instructors at CUC for teaching us! We had so much fun!

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Happy Halloween!

The students enjoyed Halloween once again this year by dressing up in their favorite costume. We created a bar graph on the chrome books using rocket candy and completed a Venn Diagram showing the similarities and differences between our own costume and a friend’s costume. Happy Halloween Everyone!

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