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Kindergarten Buddies

We enjoyed teaching Mrs. Sorensen’s morning Kindergarten class how to use the Chromebooks. We were so impressed by their ability to click and drag items using the Chromebooks’ unique mouse!

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Terry Fox Run

September 24th was IREC’s Terry Fox Run, where Kindergarten to Grade 4 students walked, jogged, or ran. The sun was shining and we had a fun time Sharpening the Saw with our friends. We are getting closer to our goal of $5000!!

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Nevaeh, Morgan, and Caleb

A leadership award is presented to Nevaeh MacKenzie for showing leadership when she puts “First Things First.” Nevaeh is new to our school and has settled nicely into our classroom routines. She’s attentive when listening to instructions and has put a lot of effort into her daily work. Congratulations Nevaeh!


A leadership award is presented to Morgan McMillan for showing leadership during our Read to Self in Daily 5. He “Puts First Things First” by getting started right away, reading a good fit book, and reading the whole time. Mrs. Litzenberger is very proud of you Morgan! Keep up the great work!


A leadership award is presented to Caleb Boucher for showing leadership when he “Sharpens the Saw” during our Gym class. We have been getting ready for the Terry Fox Run and Caleb has been working hard at setting a good pace in his running. All your effort will show next week as we participate in the Terry Fox Run at IREC.

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Bucket Filler and 7 Habits Presentation by Steve Harmer

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Today we listened to a presentation on being a Bucket Filler, while doing the 7 Habits, by Steve Harmer. We were amazed at how he used his magical talent when teaching us about being a Bucket Filler.

Grade 3’s, your challenge is to write an example of being a Bucket Filler. For example, I am a Bucket Filler when I say Good Morning to my students.

I look forward to reading your comments Grade 3!


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Daily 5 – Read to Self

We’ve been learning about “Read to Self” and what that looks like in our classroom as part of the Daily 5 structure. Every day we are practicing to build our stamina, so that we can read independently for a long time. Here are a few guidelines that the students came up with after our discussion on Read to Self.

“Pick a good fit book.”

“Read the whole time.”

“Stay in one spot.”

“Don’t bother your neighbour.”

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