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Bon Voyage Flat Stanley!

We finished reading the novel “Flat Stanley”, where a boy becomes flattened by a bulletin board in his bedroom. Flat Stanley goes on several adventures while being flat, but in the end he misses being a regular boy. Fortunately, his brother Arthur pumps Stanley up with a bike pump and Stanley is back to his original self. In Art each student made a Flat Stanley or Flat Sarah. They will be mailed to a person each student has chosen, such as grandma and grandpa, a cousin, close aunt, good friend, etc. 3L looks forward to the safe return of their puppet and learning about the different communities that Flat Stanley and Flat Sarah visit.

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Terry Fox Run

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September 25th was IREC’s Terry Fox Run, where Kindergarten to Grade 4 students walked, jogged, or ran. The sun was shining and we had a fun time Sharpening the Saw with our friends. We are getting closer to our goal of $5000.

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Place Value

001004005006In Math we have been learning about Place Value and how to represent a number 4 ways.

1. Write the numeral.
2. Write the number word.
3. Expanded notation
4. Base ten blocks.

Grade 3’s, your challenge is to show me #’s 1-3 using a 2 digit or 3 digit number. We will check out your answers in class!


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Mission Statement

In our Health class we brainstormed together what we would want our classroom to look like and sound like. We decided we would synergize together as a class to be leaders, learners, and friends for each other. Then we came up with qualities of a leader, learner, and friend. Finally, we wrote our class promise and each of us will do our best to follow it, so that we will have a great year learning and having fun in Grade 3!


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3L Leader Awards



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Steve Harmer Presentation

IREC students were entertained and energized by Steve Harmer, as he gave his 7 Habits presentation with a magic twist.

Grade 3’s, here is your challenge!

Do you remember the 4 HERO words that Mr. Harmer explained to us?

OR Can you name a 7 Habit and explain it in your own words.




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Daily 5 – Read to Self

We’ve been learning about “Read to Self” and what that looks like in our classroom as part of the Daily 5 structure. Here are a few guidelines that the students came up with after our discussion.

“Read the whole time.”

“Stay in one spot.”

“Don’t bother your neighbour.”

“Read the entire book.”

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