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Crazy Hat Day!

Eventhough it was a rainy day at IREC, the students showed their spirit by wearing their crazy hats! Check out the cool pictures!

What has been your favorite dress up day this year? Is there a certain dress up day you would like to do at IREC that we haven’t done so far?


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Ellis Bird Farm

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We had a fun day of learning at the Ellis Bird Farm. The students built Chickadee nest boxes, went pod dipping, pet the baby animals, learned some facts about beavers, and so much more!

Grade 3’s, your challenge is to tell me one piece of information that you learned on our fieldtrip to the Ellis Bird Farm. It could be something about the beavers, butterfly house, or about some of the different birds.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! The students created beautiful floral cards using oil pastels. Check them out!

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3L has new pets – MEALWORMS!

Yesterday during science our class got to look at mealworms!!! Here are the stages of a mealworm: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.


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Field Trip to Blackfalds Fieldhouse

We had the opportunity to visit the building site where Blackfalds’ Fieldhouse is being built. Terry, the project manager, lead the students through the various building stages. We saw the blueprints, beams, pillars, LOTS of TRIANGLES, and even learned what the inside of the Fieldhouse will look like. We can’t wait until the Fieldhouse is open in early November!

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