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Read to Self

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We’ve been learning about “Read to Self” and what that looks like in our classroom.  Here are a few guidelines that the students came up with after our discussion.

“Read the whole time.”

“Stay in one spot.”

“Don’t bother your neighbour.”

“Read the entire book.”

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We have been learning about increasing, decreasing, and repeating patterns in Math this month.  See if you can figure out the pattern rule for the patterns on the 100’s charts.  Click on comment and type in your answer.



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Mission Statement

We can’t believe it’s the end of September and we’re still having summer-like temperatures!  The students have been settling nicely into our classroom routines and really enjoyed our first day of swimming lessons.  At the beginning of September each student thought about his/her personal goal for the year and what they think our classroom should look like and sound like.  Together we came up with our Mission Statement that we will follow together this year.

Our 3L class will be Proactive by working together as a team.

We will be responsible, helpful, and kind citizens.

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Red and White Day

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We celebrated Red and White Day at IREC on September 14th!  There was a “Sea of Red and White” in the classrooms and through our hallways.  The Grade 3’s also enjoyed their first schoolwide PE activity called “Take Me Outside” in which the Grade 3’s played a game of “Capture the Gold.”  Hope you enjoy a few pictures of 3L wearing their red and white!

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