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Tacky Dress-up Day!

Last Friday, IREC students were dressed in their tackiest clothes, shoes, boots, hats, and accessories!  It was an all around “Tacky Day!”

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Our classroom pets – mealworms!!

We have had the mealworms in our classroom since the last week of May.  They are insects because they have six legs and are invertebrates.  They actually are not “worms”, but the larvae stage of a darkling beetle.  These little critters like the dark, so we keep them in a jar with oatmeal in the filing cabinet and feed them once a week for moisture.  So far they have really enjoyed apples and carrots!  It’s so amazing that they will go through a complete metamorphisis before summer holidays.

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Ellis Bird Farm – June 2012

3L enjoyed a fun, educational day at the Ellis Bird Farm.  We went Pond Dipping, built Chickadee Houses, saw some goats and sheep, and did many more activities.

Do you remember what was unique about a beaver’s eyes?

What kind of bird’s wingspan are you?

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Alien In-Line Skating

Once again IREC students will be doing some Alien In-Line Skating  – June 18-22.



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Important Dates for June

June 7 – Ellis Bird Farm Field Trip

June 8 – Bring Your Own Device Day

June 12 – Grade 3 Provincial Achievement Test – Reading Comprehension

June 14 – Grade 3 Provincial Achievement Test – Math

June 15 – Tacky Dress Up Day

June 25 – Spectagular

June 26 – Last Day of School – Report Cards – Participation Award

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Sports Day!

On May 30th, K-4 students enjoyed various stations set up outside which were lead by some IRJC students.  We all had a great time and the weather was cooperative too!

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Rugby at IREC!!

The grade 3’s and 4’s had the opportunity to learn some basic rugby skills.  Thanks to Ryan, our instructor, from the Red Deer Titans Rugby team who came to teach us.

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