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Lacombe Music Festival

Even a snow day couldn’t keep the Grade 3’s from performing at the Lacombe Music Festival!  The adjudicator came to IREC today to listen to all the Grade 3’s perform their recorders.  Congratulations on getting 1st place Grade 3’s.  What a fabulous job by everyone!  You should all be proud of yourselves!


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Flat Stanley has arrived at IREC!

In the fall I read the novel “Flat Stanley” to the Grade 3’s, which is about a boy who gets flattened one morning by his bulletin board falling on him.  He goes through many adventures while being flat, but in the end he just wants to be normal again.  After reading the story, each student made his/her own Flat Stanley (or Flat Sarah) and we mailed them to a friend or relative to learn about other communities in the world.  In the past few weeksthe students have been sharing his/her Flat Stanley as they arrive to our school.  One of our Flat Sarahs traveled to the Ukraine, which is one of the countries we learn about in Social.  Isn’t that amazing!



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Peruvian Textile Weaving

The students have been busy weaving during Art and their spare time.  Check out some of the finished pieces!


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